Development & Vision

John Keats began his poem Endymion with:

A thing of beauty is a joy forever
It's loveliness increases.
It will never pass into nothingness.”

I prefer to make timeless, expressive and poetic images that add beauty to the world. I make autonomous work, in which harmony and balance are important to me. I'm researching how I can put my perception in an expressive design with various creative materials. My sculptures show a still snapshot with contrasts in the shapes by working with concave and convex, lines, movement, light and shadow, structure.

I often find inspiration in nature and in natural elements, in my view people, animals, plants and natural elements belong to that. I would like to add value with my timeless and unique works of art to the view and perception on nature. Everything in nature fascinates me, f.i.  the natural process of the change of a seed, to flower, to fruit.  

I did and do this through the traditional techniques in drawing and painting, in clay, with ceramics, wax, bronze and various types of stone. Through this research I have gone from inventive to intuitive over time and from figurative to surreal to organic and abstract. For me these are all direct
related to each other. I master various artistic techniques, so that I can realize the work that I have the inspiration for. I have invested in it again and again. For more information, see CV.


In the photo on the left: drawing in pencil and India ink of a budding apple seed.

For me, working by hand is preferred, because of this I keep in touch with the material and the design becomes better and directly related to the material. Shaping is very easy in wax and clay and I can work in more detail, the harder the materials are, the more limited detailing and the large shapes remain, for example with hardstone. My aim is to keep getting better and keep learning. I keep thinking about what I do and make, so that it finds its place in an artistic context.

In contemporary art it seems that I am not an innovator, but if you look closely, you will notice that my sculptures just have a different perspective on what is already there. I just give my work a different movement or line.
Due to my own design, they become original, contemporary, lively and yet natural.  Gradually my own handwriting has emerged in my own language of shapes and images.


In the photo on the left: Flower in white alabaster

By looking at my art someone can experience the emotion, energy or life strengthened force of the sculpture and as one buyer wrote in a review (short version): 

'The sculpture is one of the top works of my sculpture collection.
I still enjoy this super purchase. I am grateful to Barbara for the beauty and quality of her sculpture.  It's a joy pour les yeux. – Paul de Koning



In the photo on the right: Beechnut in brown Brazilian soapstone

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