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The bronze and stone sculptures at Barb's Sculpture Garden consist of figurative, abstract, organic and sometimes surreal bronze and stone sculptures, paintings and drawings. Since the fall of 2020 I have started again making ceramic sculptures and learning about pigments and glazes.
I have made various work in the time that I have been working since 1987, including animals, nudes, portraits, organic work with themes from nature, including leaf and flower, abstracts, fairytale themes. In the past I also did some religious statues on assignment.
The stone and bronze sculptures are in the garden during open afternoons. Furthermore, only visits by appointment.
Closed during the summer holidays.

In the back of Barb's sculpturegarden is the place where the soapstone workshops are held and also where my sculpture place is under the roof. In the sculpturegarden is a pond with plants and frogs and other aquatic animals. There is a small hill with stones and rock plants, but there are also protected plants such as the white, yellow and purple dead-nettle. Birds, hedgehogs, bees, butterflies and other critters have been taken into account in the planting in order to be able to find food in the garden. There are insect hotels and bird houses.


Barbs Sculpturegarden-Studio participates in the OPEN STUDIO's ROUTE of NORTH EAST VELUWE FOUNDATION the first weekend of October 2023 from 11 am to 6 pm. With info about workshops soapstone + modeling & modeling course in Gigant. It is also possible to schedule your own workshop date with a group. With good weather there can be a demonstration in the garden. During the open afternoon there are bronze + stone sculptures in the garden + in the studio. In the biological garden are many bloomers, which is also made for small animals, insects, bees and butterflies. You can already take a look on this website.


The garden is constantly changing. There are many different flowers and plants for birds, butterflies, bees and other insects and animals. Because the garden has to be suitable for all kinds of small animals, I partly let it 'wild' a bit and try to manage it biologically. There have already been several rare animals, including the striped Golden Spangled and a rare beautiful caterpillar of the Marthwort moth, which is on the red list of protected species. I have spotted salamanders, a weasel, field mice, hedgehogs, moles, many butterflies and dragonflies and more insects. Many 'normal' animals are also there. Tomtits, hedge sparrows and blackbirds were breeding in the nesting boxes and in the hedges.


The motley nettle moth showed itself, a large gold-coloured field rump (dragonfly), a weasel and vole, robins. All kinds of different butterflies find food in the garden such as the Lemon Butterfly, Cabbage White large and small, Tree Blue, Orange Tip, Little Fire Butterfly, Peacock Eye, Little Fox, Chopped Aurelia, Sand Eyes, Atalanta, Mint Butterfly and various moths. All kinds of bees and bumblebees come to  the flowers from early spring until far into autumn. One winter, a merlin (a small hunting bird) unexpectedly perched on the hedge. Hedgehogs, bunnies and once a squirrel found their way into the garden.



There are many different plants and herbs, including protected species. Present in the sculpturegarden are wild strawberry, wild violet, wild garlic, white + yellow + purple dead-nettles, primroses, astilbe, the lily of the valley field under the beech tree, ivy, dog rose, comfrey, heather species, foxglove, lady's mantle, lathyrus, purple bellflower , wild flowers, speedwell and forget-me-nots, marshmallows, hydrangeas, asters, chrysanthemums, cow's eye, goldenrod, anemones, roses, columbine, trout, wild violet, soapwort, viper root, angelica, rhubarb, ferns, licorice plant, wallflower, bindweed, hydrangeas and much more. Edible herbs such as chives, parsley, oregano, rosemary, lavender, sage, nasturtiums, thyme.
Fruit trees + shrubs such as blackberries, rose hips, apple trees, pear trees, plum trees, cherry trees, blueberry + black + white currant, strawberries, grapes, apricot tree, Japanese currant, currant tree.

I often grow various summer flowers in the spring that are still planted, including marigolds and sunflowers.

In the fall I leave a lot of leaves, so that compost is made automatically.


The garden is largely bordered by a beech hedge and a conifer hedge. Gradually, elderflower and juniper have come. The garden as it is now was decorated by me with a part lawn, a pond and a rocky hill. A separation with the neighbors is growing. There are many plants and shrubs: yellow broom, jasmine, lilac, butterfly bush, hydrangea, prunus, rhododendron, winter jasmine, skimmia, ivy, passion flower, hydrangea, forsythia, various rose varieties and much more.
Plants and flowers large and small such as various spring bulbs including snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths.


You can always request information about the sculptures and take a look at the sculpture pages. Contact

Barb's Sculpture Garden-Atelier-Galerie can be visited by appointment. Not during the summer holidays - see page Contact for more info.
The Fluitersweg is a small side street of the Oude Zwolseweg, which is part of the Cannenburgh route.



This sculpturegarden is developed by me. I made a lovely biological sculpturegarden with shrubs, flowers and herbals, a small pond with plants, and a small hill with stones and rockplants. The plants I put in the garden relate a lot to birds, bees and butterflies and other small animals so they can find food in the garden. There are insecthotels hanging and birdhouses. In the back is the place for my sculpturing and where I give the workshops carving soapstone in the summer. In Barb's sculpturegarden are figurative, organic and abstract bronze and stone sculptures on open afternoons. The art shown in the studio-livingroom-gallery exists from figurative + abstract paintings and drawings to bronze + stone + ceramic sculptures such as nudes, animals, objects.
The Fluitersweg is a small side-street of the Oude Zwolseweg which is situated at the touristic Cannenburgh route.

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